We develop in ColdFusion

ColdFusion has been around since early 1995. ColdFusion is a dynamic tag-based scripting language, used for a wide range of applications. It offers higher flexibility and better functionality to both small and large scale enterprises. Without a doubt, ColdFusion isn't dead! It's far from it, staying alive and healthy. The government uses this language, including NASA, and its background in many high-end system administrators.


The most secure platform.


A robust language.

Development Time

30% faster development than other languages.

Raw Power

A functional programming language focuses on immutable data.

Ease of Development

Easily integrate with different tools.


Scalability means your CF app and server infrastructure can easily handle the extra load.

Most projects developed in ColdFusion are proprietary, and this is why most people never hear about them. But ColdFusion is alive and well. Its most reliable Web Development tool specialized for customer development a JAVA-based language.

Projects We have Developed

Health Industy

We have developed platforms for health insurance providers to manage their patients' information, manage their billing, and integrate with the sales department section.

Hospitality Industry

A platform for hotel franchises to manage their properties and reservation needs, integrated with a timeshare billing system.

Retail Industry

Manage Production requirement, dropship system, customers' ability to create their catalog websites based on the inventory of the customer, and manage the shipping flow and customer management.


Manage inventory, complete sales platform with customer management, and custom algorithms for production orders based on sales, minimum quantity, production times, and delivery time.

Auction Systems

We created an auction system for our customers to place items for biding with a complete management system.

Shopping Carts

Most systems for custom work include a type of shopping cart built to the customer's exact specifications. Most integrate with inventory, merchant integration, and customer communication systems.


Any client can significantly benefit from a platform designed with their business needs in mind, tying every aspect of their company to improve communication and reliability within their organizations.

We are offering a complete line of services for your business.