Exceptional Platform & Systems Development

Over 15 years experience in Rapid Development of custom business administrative ColdFusion platforms.

Our Core

Rapid Platform Development

We achieve Raid Platform Development by using ColdFusion, an Advanced Rapid development language that cuts development time by at least 25%.

Video Production

Customers expect videos from explainer videos to marketing videos and of course a YouTube Channel. We can train you to make them or handle all production and distribution for you!

Podcast Production

Businesses need podcasts in the case where customers cannot get to videos or the platform. We help you to set you up and/or completely produce the podcast for you.

Advertising Services

This is a different take on advertising, incorporating everything related to reputation management. We mange your image as well as your searches.

We offer a complete line of services for your business.

Case Studies

A tv show that centered around the Miami nightlife. Our platform allowed them to manage their public website's content. The platform was capable of adding events with galleries from bulk uploads of images. Registered users were able to be part of a community capable of interacting with other users. The site included live streaming with the ability to chat with the host.

This was a BailBond company. The major problem they had was with sending reminders to their customers of important dates and keeping track of their status. We created a platform that included a reminder module that sends text messages, emails, and makes a phone call. The biggest module we built was an auction module for their agents to be able to exchange bonds through the system. This made all their 33 offices work together and all agents efficiently communicate with each other and avoiding confussions.

This was a company that distributed pesteside products to restaurants in the US. They Needed a custom shopping cart that would help their customer decide how much product should they buy for any particular issue in their industry. This project grew to include a call center style administrator to have all their sales agents connect and monitor everyone's status, calculation commissions, and track the status of their customer's sales. From there we tackle the shipping logistics and enable alarms for time-sensitive tasks. In the end, their platform was able to handle everything from the front end website, all of their 50 sales agents around the country, the shipping department, financials, and updated their communication infrastructure.

This was a call center company in charge of different campaigns with a workforce of 150 agents in two different centers. Integrated Elastix with our platform to include call statistics and handle all the different stages of their different sale workflow including verification and customer service department. Depending on the campaign of their customers. All recorded phone calls were able to be easily retrieved and organized by clients, agents, and customers. The project grew to include a custom CRM to manage websites of their clients without the need of a developer included the ability to change theme, content and upload different types of files like images, videos, and PDF files.

Why Us?

Custom Administrative ColdFusion Platforms

Reputation Management


Video Production

Podcast Production

We are offering a complete line of services for your business.